An electronic device is used for the identification process. It helps to identify and recognize a living person’s physiological and behavioral character. These characteristics include fingerprints, facial images, and iris and voice recognition. These devices are automatic in nature. The biometric device includes a fingerprint scanner, voice recorder, face scanner, and camera.

How does it work?

Biometric systems naturally use the fingerprints of the employees to verify the exact entry and exit time that is when the employee is clocking in and clocking out every day. The biometric system scans the fingers of the employees and determines their fingerprints.

Fingerprint biometrics uses the patterns where the arches, loops of every fingerprint are compared with the available data. The image of the fingerprint is taken optically with a camera or maybe taken electronically.

Voice biometrics works by digitizing a person’s speech. The tones identify the speaker’s unique voice. Each and every unique voice of the different persons is stored in the databases in a manner of storing fingerprints and also other biometric devices.

Biometric iris works with infrared light to capture different patterns that are not visible in the naked eye. The eye’s colors are analyzed which encodes the information in the iris.

Biometric factors include seven characteristics such as universality, uniqueness, permanence, performance, collectability, acceptability, and also circumvention.

Biometric features include finger length, wrist veins, hand veins, knuckles, fingertip structure, hand topography, ear shape, lip shape, eye color. Some behavioral characteristic includes speech analysis, signature dynamics, and keyboard typing rhythm.

Biometrics is global phenomena for home access, mobile phone access.

How to Use Biometric Attendance Machines?

Basic components of the Biometric system:

  • An optical sensor in the case of fingerprint systems.
  • A microphone in case of voice recognition.
  • A metal-oxide semiconductor or a charged device is needed in face recognition or iris recognition.

Advantages of a biometric device:

  • The biometric device provides information on every different person for individual identification.
  • It becomes very simple to recognize him or her from a few persons from the stored information.
  • Biometric systems reduce fraud activity by identifying the right person at the right moment. There is no one with the same biometric so no issue of false activity.
  • The biometric technology stores data very privately and there is also no chance of interference with the data.
  • It helps in keeping accurate records of every employee which helps in knowing his or her every contribution counts in different offices, industries.
  • Biometric technology does not require any ID card or RFID and logbook or register for identification which reduces the expenses.

Disadvantages of a biometric device:

  • Most biometric systems lead to false positives, bias, and inaccuracy. Due to extreme cold or heat, the error rate is very high.
  • The cost of biometric devices requires huge investments and costs.
  • The biometric device stores data of the personal and professional details of the users. This data is irreplaceable and always at risk of theft. The organization should employ advanced security systems and cautionary processes, and should not use any sensitive and easily crackable systems or devices.
  • Biometric devices take more time to mark attendance and cause a long queue.
  • It has a high chance of infection carriers. If an employee having any kind of infectious disease like Covid-19 etc. touches the biometric attendance there is a chance of getting the infection.

Uses of a Biometric Device

  • Biometric devices are more reliable than passwords
  • Fingerprint scanning is the most common biometric device
  • The fingerprint scanner on your smartphone is a biometric feature
  • Password manager involves biometrics
  • Biometrics is a form of personal security
  • It protects yourself against hackers when using a fingerprint scanner or other type of biometric device
  • Additional way to increase home security (e.g., motion sensors)

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