Complete Newborn Baby Checklists With Printable

What do you need to buy in preparation for your newborn baby? What are the new baby essentials? The task of preparing for the new arrival can be quite scary. Here you can find a complete list of baby checklists and essentials for your newborn baby, checklists of everything you may need in the first year for you and your baby.

Newborn Baby Checklists

  1. New Baby Bathing Checklist
  2. New Baby Bedding Checklist
  3. Newborn Baby Clothing Checklist
  4. New Baby Nappies Checklist
  5. New Baby Feeding Checklist
  6. Newborn Baby Furniture Checklist
  7. New Baby Health and Safety Checklist
  8. New Baby Toys, Books, and Music Checklist
  9. Newborn Baby Travel Checklist

1. New Baby Bathing Checklist

Below is a checklist of items you will need when bathing your new baby. Newborn baby checklist for a complete Layette. Baby bathing checklist. Baby bathtime

New Baby Bathing Checklist

  • Infant bathtub
  • Soft Hooded Towels
  • Grooming Kit (Safety Scissors, Nail Clippers)
  • Slip resistant bath tub mat
  • Bathing toys
  • Wash Cloths
  • Cotton Wool Balls and Cotton Buds
  • Shampoo, Oil and Lotions

New Baby Bathing Tips

  1. Ensure the water is not too hot
  2. Have doctor and emergency telephone numbers at hand
  3. Never leave your baby unattended in the bathtub!
  4. Always use the slip-resistant bathtub mat

2. New Baby Bedding Checklist

Below is a checklist of items you will need when putting your new baby to bed. Newborn baby checklists for a complete Layette. Baby bedding checklist.

Newborn Baby Bedding Checklist

  • Crib Bedding
  • Crib Fitted Sheets
  • Baby Crib pad
  • Crib Blankets
  • Bassinet Sheets
  • Lightweight and Heavy Blankets
  • Mattress Pads
  • Waterproof Liners
  • Changing Mat
  • Wallpaper
  • Cot quilt
  • Pillow
  • Curtains
  • Lamp and lampshade
  • Changing Table Cover
  • Changing Table Pad
  • Accessories

New Baby Bedding Tips

  1. Try to get the nursery ready before the baby is born – it will save you a lot of time and worries

3. New Baby Clothing Checklist

Below is a checklist of items of clothes you will need for your new baby. Newborn baby checklists for a complete Layette. Baby clothing checklist.

New Baby Clothing Checklist

  • Onesies or Bodysuits
  • Sleepers or Nightgowns
  • Socks and Booties
  • Light cap for the night
  • Baby Hat
  • T-shirts (pullover and side-nap)
  • Mittens
  • Cotton shirts
  • Pants (pull-on, waterproof)
  • Receiving or Swaddle Blankets
  • Crib blanket or quilt
  • Sweater/jacket
  • Winter coat
  • Shoes
  • Sleeveless vests/undershirts
  • Rompers (footed and not)

New Baby Clothing Tips

  1. Don’t buy too many clothes. You don’t know how big your new baby will be and newborns grow very fast. You will also receive loads of clothes as gifts, or receive hand-me-downs from family or friends. Your baby will wear some outfits only once or twice
  2. If your friends or family give you clothes, ask them if they will want them back. If they do, make a note of who gave you what
  3. You’ll need mits, babies like to scratch their face
  4. Outfits should be soft and easy to change – you’ll be changing the baby several times a day
  5. You’ll change the baby very often. Poppers are much easier than buttons
  6. Shoes are not necessary until the baby is near walking age
  7. You should have Cotton short-sleeve bodysuits for summer, wool/cotton mix for winter
  8. There are many types of sleepers: footed or not, short and long sleeves. Remember that poppers are much easier than buttons
  9. New parents usually receive loads of clothes for newborn babies, but your baby will outgrow them very fast. Ensure you ask family and friends for different sizes to last you for the first year
  10. A Layette is a complete set of clothing and equipment for a newborn
  11. Choose natural fiber nightgown if possible, wool or cotton
  12. You’ll need a hat. Even more than grown-ups, babies lose a lot of heat from their head
  13. Wash your receiving blankets very often
  14. Why not knit the clothes yourself?
  15. Find booties that your baby will not be able to get off during the night. Consider footed outfits
  16. Avoid buying a heavy and think crib blanket

4. New Baby Nappies Checklist

Below is a checklist of items you will need when changing your new baby nappies. Newborn baby checklists for a complete Layette. Baby nappies checklist.

New Baby Nappies Checklist

Disposable nappies

  • Newborn nappies
  • A supply of cloth nappies is also recommended

Cloth nappies (reusable)

  • Cloth or reusable nappies
  • Washable liners
  • Waterproof protector
  • Safety pins (or other ways to secure the nappy)

Baby ointment / cream / powder (against rashes)

  • Baby wipes (disposable or washable)
  • Nappy Pail (disposal system for soiled nappies)
  • Changing Mat or Changing table
  • Nappy Bag (when traveling)

Baby Nappies Tips

 Always have plenty. Newborns can soil up to 12 nappies a day. In a year you will need over 4000 nappy changes. Change the nappy every time the baby wets. nappy change frequency can help you understand how many nappies you need, how frequently you need to wash the cloth nappies and how much money you need to budget.

You will probably use both disposable and cloth nappies. When you decide, you should consider the cost, the environmental impact and how easy the two options are.

  1. Cloth nappies. Can save you a lot of money, some are as easy as disposables. There are different types: fitted, flat, pre-folder, or all-in-one.
  2. Disposable nappies. Save you a lot of time, but they are more expensive, require different sizes (so you’ll have problems with storage and disposal). Some disposable nappies are more natural and environmentally friendly than others.
  3. Wipes. Avoid wipes with fragrance. Warm water may be sufficient in the first days.
  4. Nappy Pail. Choose a nappy pail that minimizes the use of nappy bags. Consider a washable environmentally-friendly cloth nappy pail liner.
  5. Nappy Cream. Choose a natural nappy cream that doesn’t contain petroleum derivatives.
  6. Nappy changing. Disposable nappies are the easiest to change. Ensure you have all the nappy changing products and clothing at hand before you start.
  7. Nappy rash. It is very common that babies’ skin becomes red in the nappying area, caused by bacteria. To reduce rash ensure you change the baby every time the baby wets, avoid detergents and fragrances. Consult your doctor if the rash persists.
  8. Nappy bag. In addition to the products above, you’ll need blankets, bibs, tissues, food and drink, a hat, toys, and a pacifier.

5. New Baby Feeding Checklist

Below is a checklist of items you will need when feeding your new baby. Newborn baby checklists for a complete Layette. Baby feeding checklist.

New Baby Feeding Checklist


  • Bottles (washable or disposable)
  • Nipples (fast and slow flow)
  • Bibs, you’ll need loads!
  • Sterilizer (Microwave, Electric, Boiling…)
  • Bottle Brush
  • The Bottle Warmer
  • Bottle Drying Rack
  • Teethers
  • Bottle Caps
  • Bottle Liner

Breast Feeding

  • Breast Pump Set
  • The Breast Pads (washable or disposable)
  • Breast milk Storage Bottle
  • Nursing Pillow
  • Nursing Bras
  • Privacy Shawl
  • Breast Shields
  • Nipple Lotion
  • Nursing Foot Stool
  • Nursing Shirts

Solid Feeds

  • Feeding Fork and Spoon
  • Feeding Bowl
  • Food Blender and grinder
  • Plastic sip cup
  • Baby food and bottle warmer
  • Jar holder

Baby Feeding Supplies

  • Highchair
  • Booster Seat
  • Baby wipes (disposable or washable)
  • Nappy Pail (disposal system for soiled nappies)
  • Plastic spills mats (near the highchair)
  • Cloths

New Baby Feeding Tips

Bottle Feeding Tips

  1. Ensure flow is about one drop a second
  2. Never use a bottle you prepared more than 48 hours before
  3. Use your steriliser every time
  4. Don’t use bottles that you left out of the fridge for too long
  5. Your partner can feed the baby as well
  6. You can use an electric steriliser for over 12 months, and it saves you a lot of time

Breast Feeding Tips

  1. If you plan on breastfeeding only, you may still want to have bottles and nipple on hand
  2. Even if you don’t produce enough milk at first don’t give up breastfeeding
  3. You will produce more milk as the baby feeds more
  4. Breastfeeding moms may want to prepare one or two bottles of breast milk for the night. Dads can then feed the baby
  5. If your baby is quite fussy when breastfeeding, avoid using a pacifier until he got used to breastfeeding.

6. New Baby Furniture Checklist

Below is a checklist of furniture items you will for your new baby. Newborn baby checklists for a complete Layette. Baby furniture checklist.

New Baby Furniture Checklist

  • Chest
  • Dresser
  • Crib and Pad
  • Crib mattress and waterproof pads
  • Changing Table and Pad
  • Bassinet or Cradle
  • Highchair
  • Toy chest
  • Rocking chair
  • Heater

New Baby Furniture Tips

  1. Ensure any bookcases are secured and remove all loose objects
  2. Add a dimmer to the light in the baby room
  3. The changing table should be at the right height for you
  4. You’ll spend a lot of time on the rocking chair so buy a comfortable one
  5. Before you buy any items of furniture check that they fit in the room. You could use the dresser as the changing table.
  6. Ask for your friends or family baby furniture, but check it complies with the latest regulations, is fit for purpose, is not toxic
  7. You’ll need loads of space, so get a large dresser or chest of drawers if you can
  8. Do not place the heater near the crib
  9. The baby’s room must be cleaned regularly and in-depth. Beware of fumes from certain cleaning product

7. New Baby Health and Safety Checklist

Below is a checklist of items you will need for your new baby’s health and safety. Newborn baby checklist for a complete Layette. Baby health and safety checklist.

New Baby Health and Safety Checklist

  • Thermometer for the nursery
  • Ear Thermometer
  • Nasal Aspirator
  • Baby Monitor
  • Safety Gate
  • Night Light
  • Healthcare Books
  • Anti-slip bath mat
  • Cupboard Safety Locks
  • Toilet Locks
  • Appliance Locks
  • Fireplace Bumpers
  • Pacifiers
  • Vaporizer
  • Outlet Plugs
  • Doorstops
  • Diaper rash lotions, oils, powders
  • First-aid supplies
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Cotton Balls
  • Fever Reducer
  • Medicine spoon
  • Medicine dropper
  • Disinfecting hand soap
  • Nose drops
  • Teething gel
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

New Baby Health and Safety Tips

  1. Ear thermometers are less intrusive for the baby
  2. Nightlight near the crib allows you for night checks and for quiet night diaper changes
  3. If fever or other symptoms persist you must contact your doctor
  4. Buy a couple of healthcare books. You will want to double-check every time anything is slightly different with your baby
  5. Always have your doctor’s telephone number at hand
  6. Every room of the house presents a huge amount of safety issues. It is not possible to cover these here appropriately, so please refer to another website or buy a book on health and safety issues

8. New Baby Toys, Books and Music Checklist

Below is a checklist of toys, books, and music you will need for your new baby. Newborn baby checklist for a complete Layette. Baby toys, books, and music checklist.

New Baby Toys, Books, and Music Checklist

Toys Checklist

  • Bath toys
  • Stroller toys
  • Crib toys
  • Soft toys
  • Development and learning toys
  • Rattles
  • Playgym / Playmat
  • Doorway jumper
  • Swing
  • Toy chest

Music Checklist

  • Lullaby music
  • Bedtime music
  • Classical music
  • Educational music
  • CD/tape player

Books Checklist

  • Storybooks
  • Reference books (eg healthcare, pregnancy…)
  • Pregnancy calendar
  • Pregnancy journal

New Baby Toys and Books Tips

Baby Toys Tips

  1. If you are giving a toy as a present, remember that new borns will not be able to play with soft toys for many months
  2. A toy has to be suitable to the baby’s age and development stage
  3. Always make sure safety is your first priority. Only give your baby toys that are suitable for his/her age. Check the recommended age label
  4. Read any instructions that come with the toy (dad’s especially!)
  5. Avoid sharp toys, ensure there are no loose parts (eg wheels of trains, eyes of fluffy toys…), avoid toys with small parts that can be swallowed

Baby Books Tips

  1. There are plenty of reference books on health and safety, pregnancy, birth, parenting, breastfeeding
  2. Buy at least 2 books on health and safety for reference. Check what both books have to say about particular topics

9. New Baby Travel Checklist

Below is a checklist of items you will need when traveling with your new baby. Newborn baby checklist for a complete Layette. Baby travel checklist.

New Baby Travelling Checklist

  • Infant / Toddler Car Seat
  • Booster car seat
  • Stroller / pram / buggy (collapsable)
  • Nappy bag/wipes / other diaper changing items
  • Portable Playpen
  • Baby crib (collapsable)
  • Sunshades for car
  • Soft Carrier
  • Backpack carrier
  • Baby blanket
  • Washable bibs (water and juice)
  • Bottles
  • Toys
  • Outdoor clothing
  • Snack containers
  • Sun protection (cream, hat, umbrella)
  • Camera

New Baby Travelling Tips

  1. Ensure the car seat is installed correctly and complies with Authority Safety Standards. Studies show that over 7/10 are installed incorrectly
  2. Check that the stroller fits in your car!
  3. The car seat must be of the right size
  4. Leave enough time to pack
  5. Bring a full diaper bag with you, with plenty of baby wipes. You will roughly need one diaper for each hour of travel
  6. Always put your baby in the back seat
  7. Buy a baby bag with a waterproof lining
  8. Pack an extra outfit for both you and your baby
  9. Check the place you are going to is child-friendly
  10. Put drinks in a resealable plastic bag

Complete Newborn Baby Checklists With Printable

Our checklists for new babies provide an essential list of everything a newborn baby needs. First parents’ baby checklist can get a newborn baby essentials list and layette checklist. The newborn essentials shopping checklist and shopping list provide the essential items in preparation for the arrival of the baby of expectant and new parents.

New born baby checklist for a complete Layette, with all the essentials you need before the arrival of your new born baby. We know it’s hard for parents to stay organised with everthing that needs to be done before your baby is born, so why not use our complete checklists to make your life easier.

Before you go shopping, check if you will get anything useful from friends or family – that will help lower the financial burden. It is also useful to remember to take with you the full details of the information relating to furniture sizes.

Final Words

Whether this is your first baby or not, here you can find a complete checklist for everything a baby needs, in preparation for the new arrival. New born baby checklist for the UK and worldwide.

If you are a family member or friend, we can help you find the appropriate gift for a first child. It’s always difficult to know what to buy a new born baby.

Please note that these checklists may not be fully comprehensive, and you may need other items for a completely newborn Layette checklist with all the essentials.

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