how to use hair curler at home

A hair curler is an electronic device that is used for styling straight hair in curly ways. This is for those who want to style their flat and straight hair to some curly looks. A curler is a solution for your loose curls, all curled up or a little wavy and bouncy y hair.

You have probably seen the commercials for curling irons with big, bouncy curls. The hair Curlers create a stunning look without having to spend hours in the salon and use tons of products. It’s not just for girls! Men can also enjoy these curls when they want an easy style change-up.

Benefits of Using Hair Curlers

  • Hair curlers are a great way to get curly hair that will last all-day
  • Curlers can help you maintain your hairstyle for up to 24 hours with just one set of curls!
  • Curlers create an easy, quick updo that is perfect for special occasions or everyday styling
  • Curling your hair will add volume and bounce without the need for any other products
  • You can curl sections of your hair so it’s easier to style – no more flat locks!
  • There are many different types of curler sets available plastic to metal-based ones that heat up quickly

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How to Use a Hair Curler

There are not too many hair curling techniques or devices. Here we will discuss three processes of curling up hair. They as follows-

Use Curling Irons

These are also called curling tongs. By using you can create waves or curls in hair using a variety of different methods. There are many different types of modern curling irons, which can vary by diameter, material, and shape of the barrel, and the type of handle.

The barrel’s diameter can be anywhere from .5 in (1.3 cm) to 2 in (5.1 cm). Smaller barrels typically create spiral curls or ringlets, and larger barrels are used to give shape and volume to a hairstyle. Curling irons are made of ceramic, metal, Teflon, titanium, tourmaline.

The barrel’s shape can either be a cone, reverse cone, or cylinder, and the iron can have brush attachments or double and triple barrels. The curling iron can also have either a clipless, Marcel, or spring-loaded handle. Spring-loaded handles are the most popular and use a spring to work the barrel’s clamp.

When using a Marcel handle, one applies pressure to the clamp. Clipless wands have no clamp: the user simply wraps hair around a rod. Most clipless curling irons come with a Kevlar glove to avoid burns.

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Use Hair Roller or Hair Curlers

A hairroller is a small tube that is rolled into a person’s hair to curl it, or to straighten curly hair, making a new hairstyle. The diameter of a roller varies from approximately 0.8 inches (20 mm) to 1.5 inches (38 mm). The hair is heated, and the rollers strain and break the hydrogen bonds of each hair’s cortex, which causes the hair to curl. The hydrogen bonds reform after the hair is moistened. There are two types of hair rollers

  • Hot Rollers or Hot Curlers– A hot roller is designed to be heated in an electric chamber before one rolls it into the hair. Alternatively, a hairdryer heats the hair after the rolls are in place. Hair spray can temporarily fix curled hair in place.
  • Velcro Hair Roller– A Velcro hair roller is made of a strip of hook and loop fasteners that are wrapped around cylinders. They are available in different sizes and can be used on dry or wet hair. The rollers are self-holding because they do not need pins or clips to be held in place and do not need heat to be applied to create the curls. Typically kept in the hair for about fifteen minutes. To clean Velcro hair rollers hair should be removed from them and then soaked in shampoo and water mixture followed by a vinegar solution to remove any excess oil or dirt.

Use Keratin Cream or Lotion

Keratin is packed with multiple copies of the amino acid cysteine which is comprised of a sulfur chemical group that allows it to bond easier with other sulfur-containing molecules. With curly hair, there are disulfide bonds that form in the strands that bring the hair closer together forming the curl.

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Things to keep in mind while Using Hair Curler

There are a few things you need to know while using a Hair Curler at Home

Choosing the Correct Size for the Determined Style:

Different irons create different curls. A 1.25-inch barrel gives a soft curl that’s large and voluminous. A smaller 1-inch barrel has the look of a classic, Old Hollywood curl. And a curling wand will give a curl that’s large at the root and tighter towards the ends. So, you need to choose the size carefully.

Accurate Temperature:

The temperature should not be very hot which leads to burning up hairs as it went up to 450° Fahrenheit and if the temperature is too low the style will drop in humidity and frizz up. The optimal temperature for your hot tool is around 365 degrees Fahrenheit. At that temperature, the hydrogen bonds in the hair will break, and then reform in the shape of the curls.

Holding up the Device:

When you’re using a curling wand you want to make sure that you’re holding it vertical with the smallest end pointed down. A curling iron is much more flexible.

Hot Rollers Vs. Flat Iron

Here we will discuss some basic differences of using the hot roller and flat iron-

Ease of Operation:

It is highly recommended to use hot rollers for beginners. If you are a Pro then the case may be different but usually curling irons are tough to use for a newbie because you got to hold the iron for a long period of time.


Hot rollers are the safest device to use if some additional safety is taken. Another thing we need to keep in mind while using a hot roller that it should be cooled down before unwrapping hairs from it. Whereas using flat iron we need to be very careful as the barrel of the flat iron is as hot as 180° to 450° Fahrenheit, so while unwrapping the hair body parts like hand shoulder, or other parts can be touched. So hot rollers are better to use for safety reasons.


If you searching for a curling device for a reasonable price then go for Hot Rollers but if you need long-lasting results then branded Curling Irons will be the best choice.

Time Required:

Hot Rollers is a drawn-out course because getting the roller hot, roller every strand of hair, pinning them up, getting them cooled, and unwrapping them requires extensive time. While, Curling Irons, curling hair is faster than ever because you just need to hold hair and wrap. The iron will do its job by itself.

Attention Required:

Hot Rollers do not need additional attention because all you need to do is rolling the hair and pinning them. While using a hot roller a person can do anything they wish with the roller on, and wait until it cools down by itself.

But, when using curling irons, a person needs to give extra attention because you need to hold every single strand of hair and wrap them around the barrel and have to stand steadily for curling the whole hair.

Damage Complications:

Hot Rollers do less damage to your hair because they do not heat so much high that can harm your hair. Hot Rollers are gentle and make your hair softer.

While Curling Iron does a great deal of damage to your hair because its temperature can reach up to 450° Fahrenheit which easily damages your hair providing a burnt aroma. So you need to take care and give a lot of attention while using the curling iron.

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