How to Use an Epilator at Home

Epilation is a hair removal method that uses the mechanical action of tweezers to pull out hairs by their roots. It can be used on any part of your body, but it’s most commonly used for removing hair from the legs and underarms. One popular option for home use is an epilator. This blog post will go in-depth about how you should use an epilator at home!

What is an Epilator?

An electronic device used to remove unwanted hairs from different body parts from the root. It mechanically pulls out the multiple hairs simultaneously from the skin, just like waxing, but unlike waxing, it does not remove the epithelium cells of the epidermis, which is good for the skin.

Epilators are designed in the following ways- corded, rechargeable, and nowadays battery-operated models are available. It is better to use the epilator as a hair removal process because it gives you freedom from unwanted hairs for a long period most likely up to one to two months, and it makes your skin soft and smooth.

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Feature and Speciation of Epilators

In my opinion, these features should be a must in any epilator:

  • It allows using a wide variety of body areas, including the private parts.
  • It has a detachable head that can be washed after use to maintain hygiene.
  • Epilators have multiple speeds to suit easy and difficult areas.
  • It has a high number of tweezers so that a larger area is covered and the job is done much quicker.
  • Epilators should be backed by a good brand. An epilator’s going to be your best friend, don’t compromise on the quality.
  • It makes your skin smooth and soft for weeks without rashes, itches, and rough skins.

Different types of Epilators-

An electric shaver or epilator is used by many people on their private parts and other body areas where hair grows like chin, upper lip, chest, or legs.

There are many types of epilators on different bases like epilation techniques, design, or based on body parts and then there are some based on body types like for males and females. Here, we will mostly emphasize on epilator based on epilating techniques.

So let’s start with the epilating techniques. There are mostly three types of epilators, they are as follows-

  • Spring type epilators– The first type of epilator was the original Epilady released in Israel, and manufactured by Mepro, in kibbutz Hagoshrim in 1986. These epilators have metal coils that rotate and move in a fashion that squeezes the coils together and pulls out the hairs in bulk.
  • Rotating disk type epilators– The spring type had a great business in the market, but due to its durability, the makers came up with a new type, where they use rubber disks in between the springs. These rubber disks were stronger, durable, and were less painful to use.
  • Tweezer type epilators– The disks lasted longer but after a time the disks were of no use and unlike spring type they could not be replaced. So the makers came up with a new idea and that is tweezing. These epilators have ahead with multiple metal plates. The plates rotate continuously to move together like tweezers, pull out hairs, then release.

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How to Use an Epilator?

First off, when using an epilator make sure to read instructions carefully before beginning, as different devices have different features and settings. Some may offer various speed options or even double functions such as trimming/shaping eyebrows or shaving unwanted leg hair below the knee joint (among other things).

The first step would be to do some patch-testing on small sections of your body (such as below one armpit) just like waxing at a salon. Make sure no redness or skin irritation occurs on your skin.

Next, apply a hair removal cream or lotion to the area you want to remove unwanted hair from. Some people prefer doing this before epilating while others wait until after they finish with their treatment session and wash it off afterward-the decision is up to you!

Remember that some creams also come with an added exfoliating function which can help get rid of any dead cells in preparation for new hair growth.

After applying the cream/lotion, turn on the device so that it becomes ready for use. Don’t use too much pressure when turning it on. Hold the head as close as possible against your skin without causing discomfort. Always hold the device loose.

For best results, it’s important to exfoliate the skin before epilating. This will remove any gunk that might be clogging up pores and make hair removal easier by removing dead or dry cells. Be sure not to use a scrub though, as this can irritate your skin!

Some devices come with an option for wet/dry usage, so you may want to test out both options if given the choice. If using in water, make sure there are no gaps around where the device is plugged into the power source as this could result in electrocution!

Is it best to Epilate wet or dry?

It’s best to epilate wet, but dry is possible as well. There are typically two ways of using an epilator: with water or without. Some devices come with a feature that allows you to use your device in the shower for easier cleanup afterward. In general, you can try both options and pick whichever one works.

Can you use an Epilator on Pubic hair?

It is possible to use an epilator on pubic hair; however, this causes irritation in the skin. To reduce the irritation you should start by using a small area for each session of epilation or just one time per week if it becomes too much for your private parts to handle.

Is it painful using an Epilator?

Yes, using an epilator can be painful. Epilators remove hairs from the root and can be painful, unlike waxing. Persons with sensitive skins tend to witness more pain using an epilator. If you are doing this for the first time then ready to bear some pain which tends to decrease as you grow using it.

Does Epilator make skin dark?

No, it does not. If you use it the right way it does not result in the darkening of the skin.

How long do Epilator results last?

Epilator results last for about two to three weeks. As you grow using the epilator, you will witness that it lasts for a longer period.

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Hair Removal Types

Epilators remove unwanted hairs from different parts of the body like arms, legs, private parts, and sometimes facial too.

You should not use an epilator for facial hairs, and instead, you can use epilators are designed especially for the removal of facial hairs. The epilators used to remove facial hairs have more tweezer heads and stronger motors to help manage thicker hair.

People with sensitive skin tend easily to break down with rashes and sometimes itchy or get acne in response to certain products. Sometimes waxing can make skin tingly and itchy, and for facial and private parts waxing is a bad choice for hygiene reasons.

For them, a trimmer is an option but it makes the private parts so itchy. They should use epilators without any itchy or tingly, or rough skins. So say goodbye to unwanted hairs without rashes, itches, and rough skins.

Epilators vs. Trimmers

Trimmer works on a completely different mechanism from the epilator. It uses blades in place of tweezers and it does not remove the hairs from the roots. Here we will compare both based on many points:-

1. Hair removal– In trimmers hairs are not removed from the roots and thus leaves a harsh skin, while, in epilators remove the hairs from the root causing softness in the skin.

2. Duration- Epilators give hairless skin for a long duration than trimmer and when the hair grows again they are thinner than before.

3. Sensitive skin- It is wise to recommend epilators over trimmer if a person has sensitive skin, as using the trimmer in sensitive areas or skins, resulting in rashes, itching, and harsh skin forms, while epilators keep the skin as soft as it is, without any side effects.

Epilators vs. Waxing

Waxing is a completely different process from epilation, though both of the processes remove the hairs from the roots. In waxing the first thing is pouring hot wax or any sticky substances over the skin and after that cover it with a cloth or paper strip and then pull it from the skin when it is dry. Let us see some more points of comparison between epilator and waxing:-

Hair removal duration-

Both of the processes remove the hair from the roots, and in both processes the hair need about two to four weeks to regrow, but the main difference is waxing can be done if a person has 0.25 or more inches long, while in epilation a person can epilate if the hair is 0.125 or more inches long. So it means that people can epilate more sooner than waxing.


While using an epilator you just need to buy an epilator once and can use it for two years or more. An epilator can cost in a range of $30 to $100, while in waxing it costs up to $20 each time, so if a person having once in a month it can cost up to $240 a year.

Pain and Hygiene-

Waxing may be a fast process than epilators, but the process is a lot painful than that of epilators and not as hygienic as epilators especially for the sensitive areas.

So we can conclude that epilators are more effective, gives you smooth hairless skin for a longer period. Unlike trimmer and shaver, the regrowth of the hair is very thin and small. Unlike waxing, the epilator does not damage your skin cells. This process is a little painful but the results are more effective and you do not need to repeat it every week.

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