How to Keep Hair Healthy

Having healthy hair is a major part of a woman’s life, a great number of women spend a lot of time and money on their hair to look nice and then just let it grow and get back to normal and in a scruffy state.

My article will help you maintain your hair, keep it healthy and still look beautiful but for next to nothing.

Contrary to popular belief you DO NOT have to spend a long time on your hair to keep it looking shiny and healthy.  

Maintaining Your Healthy Hair

Here are the key pointers below for healthier hair:

1. Stop Shampooing Daily

For all the years I remember growing up people always said it is the correct thing to wash yourself every day, you need to stop believing that myth now! washing your hair so regularly can dry it out and make the hair less healthy.

It is far healthier for you to wash it 2 or 3 times a week and on the days off just use a good quality conditioner on the ends of your hair to prevent split ends.

2. Conditioning

Conditioning your hair is so important and a lot of times looked over because it can be time-consuming. In this day and age when females are made to work longer hours as well as juggling family life, they tend not to condition their hair.

Conditioners are full of natural ingredients that will maintain healthy hair as well as give the hair a lovely shine.

3. Healthy Living = Beautiful Hair

Everyone knows that a healthy diet can help improve anything from your hair, eyesight to the quality of your fingernails but it is so true; make sure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. To keep the hair hydrated and not looking dry make sure you drink a couple of glasses of water a day.

4. Heating Your Hair

Hair straighteners are very popular and have been for many years but I know from personal experience that straightening your hair on a daily basis can be very bad for your hair.

From my experience, I noticed that after a couple of months my hair started to shorten on one side. After spending a vast amount of money and time at a professional salon I was informed that the heat had killed my hair, damaged it and that’s why it was coming out.

After a couple more months of not straightening my hair (tied it back), it eventually came back to a healthy state, of course, I had the help of many expensive products.

Since then I straighten my hair a couple of times of the week but I use rotating flat iron as it uses a new rotating hot iron but at a lower heat than any straightening iron which resulted in my hair staying very shiny and even if I do say so myself beautiful.

How To Volumize Your Hair

Does your hair need volumizing? If so, this article will help you to really volumize your hair in the easiest and most effective possible way.

Firstly, lets be honest, we have all failed miserably at trying to volumize our hair. It can be a tricky thing and sometime trial and error is needed to find out what does work and what doesn’t work.

Well, after a lot of practicing and failing we believe we have come up with a great solution to really help volumize your hair.

1. Don’t Weigh Your Hair Down

One of the biggest killers of volumizing is weighing your hair down, mainly from using the very products that were designed to help.

Therefore, we recommend you double check what products you use before you use them.

A good tip would be to use natural or organic products that aren’t heavy chemicals that could actually harm your hair.

This way you won’t weigh your hair down and you can then move on to the next step in our process.

2. Towel Dry Your Hair

Towel drying your hair has to be one of the most overlooked ways to volumize you hair. This method really works very well.

If you want to give you hair some serious volume then make sure you are towel drying your hair from now on.

3. Use The Correct Products

This relates back to step one, but we thought we would include it to reiterate the fact you must research any products you put in your hair before you use them.

You want products that will help you hair and not hurt your hair!

4. Sleep On It

One of the most effective ways to volumize your hair is to sleep on it.

This may sound crazy, but hear me out!

Make sure you towel dry your hair before you go to bed and wrap it up. Then, go and have a nice deep sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

When you wake up, apply your natural products and you will be amazed at how volumized your hair can get after you sleep on it.

We hope you have enjoyed these tips and highly recommend you put them into practice as quickly as possible if you are serious about volumizing your hair.

Use Top Products for Healthy Hair

it is very essential to choose the top products for healthy and strong hairs. We will help you come to a decision on the best type of products for your hair.

Don’t worry if you are looking for a hair styler, hair thickening agent or hair straightener. We will go through the top products of each category in this review.

I will be honest and tell you that there are some bad products out there so please ensure you do your research before buying them. The research we provide below will definitely help you out.

1. Top Hair Styler

After much deliberation and research, I can honestly tell you that the best hair styling product we could find is definitely the Vega Miss Dazzle Styling Set.

The Vega Miss Dazzle Styling Set is a relatively new product that contains a heated rotating pad. This is pretty revolutionary because it ensures that you can straighten and dry your hair at the same time.

If you have ever used a traditional hair straightener then you need to know that they can cause you harm. However, this new hair styler is totally safe and even more effective!

2. Top Hair Thickener

I have to admit that this one is definitely a tough one because there are two products in this category which I absolutely love.

One of them is the SureThik Hair Thickening Fibers that has clinically been proven to help you regain all of your lost hair. This is a permanent solution and is incredibly safe and effective. However, I would suggest that you read more reviews before you come to a final decision on getting this product!

Another great product in this category is the Regrowth Hair Building Fiber product. This is only a temporary solution but it is an incredibly effective one too.

Which One To Choose?

Depending on what your healthy hair needs are, the product you choose is definitely up to you. All of the above products we have listed are incredibly safe and effective so I highly encourage you to look into them further.

Prom Hairstyle Tips 2021 In India

Prom is a time to worry about what to wear and how to style your hair.

1. Experiment

One great thing about the times we live in today is that you can experiment with your hairstyles for any occasion and you don’t have to just stick to the traditional pin-up styles. I say be wacky and try the styles you wouldn’t normally go for.

2. Do Not Worry

Do not worry too much about the dress at this stage as most dresses now are designed to go with most hairstyles, the stylists know the fashion and keep up to date with the ever-changing styles of individuals.

If you have a dress in mind already then that is fine also, just make sure you get a second opinion from someone that will be honest with you.

If you want your hair straight, curly, wavy, up or down and cannot afford to have it done professionally then buy professional products at affordable prices.

I know going to the prom can be a big deal and make you feel nervous but please just try to enjoy your experience coming up to the event and during it, do not be put under any pressure, and do not have your hair/dress chosen by anybody but yourself.

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