Best Vacuum Cleaners for Home

A vacuum cleaner is a must-have for any home or business. They are great for picking up dirt and dust from carpets, floors, furniture, and more. Not to mention they can help you stay allergy-free in the process. So if you’re not sure what type of vacuum cleaner would be best for your needs we’ve got you the 8 best vacuum cleaners for your home in this blog post!

Dust is a problem in every Indian household. It accumulates over time and makes it hard to clean or look at certain things without getting annoyed. What’s an easy solution? A vacuum cleaner!

List of 8 Best Vacuum Cleaners For Home

In order to find the best vacuum cleaner for your home, you need to take into consideration a few factors.

  • The first is what type of flooring do you have? Are the floors in your house mostly carpet or tile?
  • The second factor is how much time are you willing to spend vacuuming on a daily basis?
  • And finally, do you want an inexpensive vacuum that will just get the job done, or would rather invest in something more expensive that will last longer and make vacuuming easier?

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Here we will review 8 of the top-rated vacuum cleaners on Amazon so that hopefully it can help with finding the perfect one for your space!

  1. Eureka Forbes Vogue Vacuum Cleaner
  2. Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner
  3. Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip Vacuum Cleaner
  4. KENT KSL-612 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
  5. Panasonic MC-CG304 Vacuum Cleaner
  6. BLACK+DECKER VM1200-B5 Bagged Vacuum Cleaner
  7. American Micronic-AMI-VCD21-1600WDx-Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
  8. Miele Classic C1 4.5-Litre Vacuum Cleaner

1. Eureka Forbes Vogue Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes Vogue Vacuum Cleaner is a 1400-watt motor promises a powerful suction and blowing function.

You can also control the suction power using the control knob. It comes with 6 extra accessories that will make your cleaning work easier. The vacuum cleaner is lightweight which makes it easier for you to carry it around your home.

Forbes Vogue has a sleek design that is both beautiful to look at and functional. The vacuum comes with 2000 mm of suction power, which makes it efficient enough for any job you need done in your home or office.

Forbes Vogue also includes a 5 mt cord so you can clean hard-to-reach places like upholstery, shelves, grills, carpets, and other dust-collecting spots without having to move the unit itself around often.

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a storage unit for convenient access to accessories and cleaning. The powerful suction of 1400 W can clean the toughest dust and dirt.

It has an automatic power cable winder which stores cables into place when needed.

Customized settings allow users to adjust between strong or light suction. It has other features on the device such as the LED display that displays whether your dust bag needs emptying so you don’t need to stop vacuuming midway through an area in order to take out all debris from it!


Since it is a powerful vacuum cleaner, you will be troubled a little by the loud motor noise. Eureka Forbes is a well-known brand in the electric appliances industry so you can trust their services and products blindly. The product also comes with a demo CD that you can watch to learn the functionality of the vacuum cleaner.

The only thing that we didn’t like about this product was its build quality. But overall, the Eureka Forbes Vogue is a value for money product.


  • Powerful Suction.
  • Comes with extra accessories to make your cleaning easier.
  • Well-known and trusted brand.


  • Average Build Quality.
  • Weak blower.

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2. Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner is a wet+dry vacuum cleaner with a powerful 1000-Watt motor. You get various nozzles with it which you can directly attach to the suction hose. These nozzles will make your cleaning work easier. The dust bag capacity is 17-litres which is sufficient for use at home.

When it comes to power, the WD 3 multi-purpose vacuum cleaner has got you covered. This little powerhouse can suck up all of your dirt without breaking a sweat and with just 1,000 watts!

The robust container is designed for 17 liters worth of debris while its new suction hose ensures optimal pick-up from any angle or surface height.

Plus this machine now includes mixed insert clips – so no matter what types of surfaces you’re vacuuming on (wood floors? carpets?) don’t worry about losing that precious filter!


The suction power is exceptional; we didn’t face any problem in cleaning even the tightest corners of the room. It has got decent looks and design. The build quality is also pretty decent.

The only problem with Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner is its dust bag. The Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner comes with a paper dust bag which is non-reusable. So, you will have to keep buying new dust bags every now and then.

Karcher is a well-known brand in cleaning technology so you can trust their products and services. The Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner is definitely worth your money and deserves to be on our list of best vacuum cleaners for the home.

The easily removable handle allows for easy attachment of various accessories to the vacuum making light work out even with the toughest task.


  • Good suction power.
  • Well-known and trusted brand.
  • Good looks and build quality.


  • Paper Dust Bag.
  • Minor Overheating issues.

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3. Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip Vacuum Cleaner

If you are tight on budget and at the same time want a decent vacuum cleaner for your home, then Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip Vacuum Cleaner is the product you should look for. This vacuum Cleaner is a stylish and cheap vacuum cleaner that you can buy for your home.

The new 1000 watt vacuum cleaner comes with all the bells and whistles you could ever want. It’s light-weight yet durable.

Its’ ultra modern look will fit right into your desired style whether at home or work. This beauty has features such as auto shutoff when too hot which prevents overuse and advanced airflow technology so suction power never decreases!


It has a powerful 1000-watt motor that creates decent suction. You get 4 extra attachments with this vacuum cleaner. The dust bag is reusable, so you don’t have to buy new paper bags every now and then.

It has a dust bag full indicator which turns on whenever the dust bag gets full of dust. The vacuum cleaner is lightweight, and we found it easy to carry it around our home.

The only problem that we faced while using this vacuum cleaner was overheating. It gets heated up after 10 minutes of continuous use. But you can wait for 2-3 minutes and start using it again. If you are looking for a budget vacuum cleaner for your home, then this product is the best option for you.


  • Great looks.
  • Cheap and best.
  • Reusable dust bag.
  • Perfect for small houses.


  • Minor overheating issues.
  • No blower.

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4. KENT KSL-612 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The KENT KSl-612 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner is a 1200-Watt powerful and silent Vacuum cleaner that you can purchase for your home. Just like other vacuum cleaners the KENT Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner also comes with various attachments like Crevice Tool, Floor Brush, etc. It looks great and functions just as well.

If you want your house to be both clean and tidy, buy Kent’s Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner! With a powerful 1200 W motor that can tackle any type of spillage from wet spills to dry dust in the blink of an eye. This vacuum cleaner has a great capacity at 20 L so it will last for many more cleaning jobs before needing to be emptied again.


The KENT KSl-612 Vacuum Cleaner is a bagless vacuum cleaner with great build quality and good suction power. The body is made up of steel which makes it durable.

The steel body can sometimes accumulate static electricity and give light electric shocks, but it’s a rare sight. This vacuum cleaner comes with a HEPA Filter which prevents micro dust-particles from entering the air again.

As it is a bagless vacuum cleaner the cleaning of the tank is going to be a little messy. The good part about this vacuum cleaner is that it is very easy to carry around.


  • HEPA Filter.
  • Great build quality.
  • Good suction power.


  • Difficult to clean and maintain.
  • The electric cord should have been a bit more lengthy.

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5. Panasonic MC-CG304 Vacuum Cleaner

The Panasonic MC-CG304 1400-Watt Vacuum Cleaner is a compact and easy-to-carry vacuum cleaner for the home. But don’t let its small size fool you. It has got a powerful 1400-watt motor that creates a decent suction power of 400-Watt.

This suction power is enough for all kinds of dust and dirt accumulated in your home. This vacuum cleaner only weighs around 3 Kgs.

The Panasonic MC-CG304 vacuum cleaner is an ergonomically designed compact vacuum that will not disappoint. The suction power of 400 watt delivers a clean, fresh experience with every use!

This portable vacuum cleaner weights an impressive 3.3kgs & helps make way through all those pesky dust particles that are a pain to clean up by hand!

The powerful 1400W motor features adjustable power control so choosing just the right suction strength has never been easier. No matter where dirty messes lurk about your place, there’s nothing too big or small for this baby vacuum cleaner.


The dust bag is reusable, so you don’t have to spend money buying a new dust bag every few days. Good quality plastic is used in the body which makes it durable. Even the extension pipes are made up of metal instead of plastic.

The noise is pretty low compared to other 1400-watt vacuum cleaners. You can adjust the suction/blower power using the control knob.

The problem with the Panasonic MC-CG304 1400-Watt Vacuum Cleaner is that it only functions as a dry vacuum cleaner. Also, the blower power is not up to the mark.


  • Durable, easy to carry, and a powerful vacuum cleaner.
  • Reusable Dustbag.
  • Good build quality.
  • Trusted and well-known brand.


  • It only functions as a dry vacuum cleaner.
  • Below average blower performance.

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6. BLACK+DECKER VM1200-B5 Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

Black + Decker VM1200-B5 Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner has got an extremely powerful 1800-watts motor that creates powerful suction.

An old carpet looked close to new after cleaning it using this vacuum cleaner. It also comes with an H9-HEPA filter that prevents the micro-dust particle from entering the air again. This vacuum cleaner is bagless and has a dust-bowl capacity of 2.4L.

The BLACK+DECKER VM1200 is so powerful that it can vacuum the dust and dirt in your house. The 1 liter bag makes for an easy clean-up, while its engineered rubber wheels make it simple to move around without much trouble at all.

This vacuum cleaner for those with a busy life. This lightweight and portable vacuum let you clean your home without breaking a sweat, thanks to its ergonomic design. It has an easy-to-use cord rewind option that helps make carrying it around less of a hassle. The 5-meter radius makes cleaning confined places quick work too!


The build quality of this vacuum cleaner is really good. The only downside to this vacuum cleaner is its weight. It is quite bulky so you might face difficulty in moving it around your home. This vacuum cleaner comes with all the necessary attachments. The power cord is 5m long so you won’t face any problem in moving around the room

The price is quite high when compared to other vacuum cleaners we talked about earlier. Black+Decker is not a well-known brand in India. That’s why not many service centers might be located near you.


  • Excellent suction power.
  • It Comes with HEPA Filter.
  • It Comes with essential attachments.


  • Quite bulky.
  • Not a well-known brand.
  • The price is quite high.

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7. American Micronic-AMI-VCD21-1600WDx-Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The American Micronic-AMI-VCD21-1600WDx-Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner is the next entry in our list of best vacuum cleaner for home. It is again a really powerful vacuum cleaner with a 1600W motor that creates an exceptionally well suction.

It is Wet+Dry Vacuum cleaner that I would highly recommend you to buy. The HEPA filter is also present in this vacuum cleaner.

The American Micronic vacuum cleaner is built to deliver powerful suction with a 1600W motor for quick and effective cleaning of your home or office. It comes in a variety of colors such as black, red, and steel so you can find the one that best matches your decor.

The highly efficient design will not only clean up messes quickly but do it without taxing out its user! In addition to the advanced technology, it has all sorts of attachments that allow users discretion when tackling their everyday tasks from cleaning carpets on floors!

The American Micronic Vacuum Cleaner provides an unmatched level of performance while saving energy.


The best thing that I like about this vacuum cleaner is its sturdy look. On top of that, it has got fantastic suction power which makes it a perfect cleaning machine. It is a bagless vacuum cleaner and has got a 21-liter steel drum to store the dirt and dust.

You can easily carry it around your home; thanks to its casters. It comes with all the necessary accessories that will be required to clean your home. The blower also functions really well.

This vacuum cleaner has got a steel body which can store static charge in it. So, you might get a minor electric shock if you touch the body just after using the vacuum cleaner.

Beware of that. Also, the extension cord + pipe length could have been a little more. The brand is not very well-known in India. So, you might not find a nearby service center easily.


  • Sturdy looks.
  • Excellent suction power.
  • It comes with all the necessary accessories.


  • Not a well-known brand in India.
  • Small power cord length.
  • A little noisy.

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8. Miele Classic C1 4.5-Litre Vacuum Cleaner

The last vacuum cleaner that we are going to review is the Miele Classic C1 4.5-Litre Vaccum Cleaner (Sprint Blue). This vacuum cleaner comes with a 1400W motor that creates a decent suction power.

The machine is lightweight and can be easily carried around the home. The Miele Classic C1 4.5-Litre Vaccum Cleaner looks pretty average, but the performance is decent.

Miele is a 100+ years old company from Germany and has been a leader in household appliances for cooking, cooling, laundry, and floor care since 1910. Miele offers products that set the standards on durability, performance ease of use energy efficiency design service.


The best part about the Miele Classic C1 4.5-Litre Vaccum Cleaner is its 6-point control knob through which you can control the suction power of the vacuum cleaner and set it on an optimum level. This machine is not as noisy as other 1400W vacuum cleaners. The build quality of this vacuum cleaner is excellent.

The two downsides to this vacuum cleaner are its price and brand. The price is comparatively high when compared to other 1400W vacuum cleaners. The brand is not very well-known in India so you might face difficulty in finding service centers.


  • Powerful 1400W vacuum cleaner.
  • Good build quality.
  • Less noise.


  • Not a well-known brand.
  • High price.

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How to choose the Right Vacuum cleaners For Home

It is easy to get confused by looking at the number of options provided on the Internet. Don’t worry as in this article we will tell you how you can choose the best vacuum cleaners for your home. So, let’s look at the factors that you should care about while choosing a vacuum cleaner for your home.

1. Type of Vacuum Cleaner

Broadly, there are two types of Vacuum cleaner for home. The first one is a Dry Vacuum Cleaner, and the other one is the Wet+Dry Vacuum Cleaner. The Dry Vacuum Cleaner can be used for cleaning dust particles, dry dirt, etc.

Whereas, the Wet+Dry Vacuum cleaner can be used for both dust particles/dry dirt as well as liquid spills. The Wet+Dry Vacuum cleaner is clearly a better option as it helps in cleaning liquid spills also.

2. Motor Power/Suction Power

The higher the motor power will be the easier it is going for you to clean the dust. High Motor Power creates high suction which sucks the stubborn dirt easily. Usually, Vacuum cleaners for the home have a motor power ranging from 1000 to 2000W. Also, don’t neglect the continuous running time of the vacuum cleaner. You don’t want the vacuum cleaner to get heated just after 2-3 mins of continuous use.

3. Extra Attachments

Before you decide to purchase a vacuum cleaner for your home, check how many different tools and attachments you are getting with it. Usually, a good vacuum cleaner will have various nozzles for various cleaning places.

For example, Upholstery tool is used for cleaning dirt from sofas, chairs, mattresses, etc. whereas a Crevice tool helps you in getting into the tight corners, between sofa cushions, etc. You can connect these tools directly into the suction hose.

4. Dust collection bag

The dust collection bag is the area where all the dust sucked by the vacuum cleaner gets stored. That’s why it is important to have a dust collection bag with good dust holding capacity. Also, we want the dust collection bag to be reusable. You should avoid paper bags as they are not durable.

We advise you to choose a vacuum cleaner having durable and reusable dust collection bags. Also, look for the HEPA Filter in a vacuum cleaner. The HEPA Filter stops the microscopic dust from getting back into the air. This microscopic dust is responsible for respiratory problems; that’s why a HEPA filter becomes important.

5. Noise and Vibrations

Nobody likes a noisy appliance. Whether it is a mixer grinder or a vacuum cleaner, we all want them to be less noisy as possible. The noise of any appliance is measured in decibels. Make sure that your vacuum cleaner has the lowest noise. A vacuum cleaner having a high motor power is supposed to have high noise. So, it’s a trade-off between the noise and power. Vibrations in the vacuum cleaner should also be as less as possible.

6. Presence of a blower

A blower can be used for various purposes. You can use the blower to blow leaf from your verandah, a blower can be used to clean things that are kept aside from a long time for example, coolers are used for 4 months in summer and are kept inactive for the whole year because of which they become a house of dust, spider webs, dust mites, etc. A blower is ideal for dealing with such cases.

7. Warranty and after sale services

You don’t want to buy a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t come with a good after sale services and warranty. A vacuum cleaner will require maintenance at some regular intervals of time (5-6 months). So, make sure that you are getting good after sale service with your vacuum cleaner. Also, a good warranty will provide you with peace of mind.

8. Other things that you should care about

  • Cord Length (A long power cord will allow you to cover a larger area).
  • Quality of brush.
  • Material Quality (Vacuum cleaner should be made up of durable plastic).
  • Strong Nozzle Joints (The dust can get blown inside the vacuum cleaner through the weak joints).

So, these are some of the things that you should look for in a vacuum cleaner before deciding to purchase it. Now, in the next section, we will review some of the best vacuum cleaners for homes. All of the products that we will be reviewing below have been tried and tested by our team.


Q. Is a cordless vacuum cleaner as efficient as a traditional vacuum cleaner?

Cordless and wired vacuum cleaners both have their pros and cons, but cordless cleaners are usually better for those with limited upper-body mobility.

One downside of a cordless vacuum is that sometimes it may not be as strong as a wired cleaner because manufacturers use an integrated battery instead of a motor plugged into the wall.

However, this can be solved by purchasing higher-end models that provide more suction power capacity.

Typically, cordless handheld units often come with different attachments such as crevice tools and upholstery brushes which make them quite versatile for hard-to-reach spots on various surfaces where dirt or pet hairs might accumulate.

Cleaning with traditional methods can leave dirt behind. Sweeping or vacuuming exposes the dirt to the air again only for it to settle somewhere else in your room. Traditional vacuum cleaners have a cord attached that drags across the floor as you move!

Traditional cleaning methods like sweeping and using a vacuum cleaner are inefficient at getting all of those hard-to-reach places. Sometimes they stir any hidden germs around instead of removing them from surfaces.

Can I use vacuum cleaners as blower?

Answer: Sure!

A vacuum cleaner is one of the few things that can be used as a makeshift blower. Take out the bag and clean the filter, put it on the attachment, and plug it in. It’s a very handy thing to know if you ever suddenly lose power or forget an essential appliance for you.


After reviewing all 8 products we have come to the conclusion that Eureka Forbes Vogue Vacuum Cleaner is the best vacuum cleaner for the home. I hope that after reading this post, you have a much clearer vision about which vacuum cleaner you want to buy for your home.

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