Best Glucometer in India

A glucometer is a device used to measure the approximate concentration of glucose level in blood. It is a very important element to keep track of blood glucose levels at home. It is widely used by people with Diabetes or Hypoglycemia. Check out the list of 5 Best Glucometer in India 2020.

What is a Glucometer?

A glucometer is an electronic medical device, which can check the concentration or level of sugar present in the blood. It is mainly used by people, who are dealing with diseases like diabetic Mellitus or hypoglycemia.

To use these, we need to obtain a small drop of blood, by slightly piercing the skin with the help of the lancet present in the glucometer, which is then placed on the disposable test strip that is read by the meter and, after calculating the glucose level present in the blood, it displays the result in the units of gram/liter or molar concentration/liter.

How to use a Glucometer?

These are a few steps that we need to follow while using a Glucometer. They are as follows-

  • Assemble all the objects or items that are needed. These are the things user will need while using a glucometer- one lancet for pricking, test strips, and the glucometer. If the user wants to note down the results then get a notebook too.
  • Washing up hands- The user must wash their hands before pricking; if the hands are not clean then it may lead to infections. The user can also use sanitizers or any alcohol swabs to clean their hands.
  • Warm up the hands- After washing the hands properly, dry up the hands. Then the users should rub their hands because if the hands are warm the circulation will be good and it will be an easy prick and get drops of blood.
  • Now, turn on the glucometer, after that prick, the skin underneath of the nail, take the test strips, and put a few drops of blood on strips. Now, insert the test strip inside the glucometer and set the test. Soon, the user gets the result.

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Which Glucometer is the best?

Here is the list of 5 best Glucometer in India. So, they are as follows-

  1. Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter
  2. Dr. Trust Blood Sugar Testing Machine
  4. Accu-Chek Instant S Glucometer
  5. BeatO Curv Smartphone Glucometer

Now, let discuss the fey features, about, and pros and cons of the products mentioned above. Here, we will discuss only the best 5 Glucometer in India 2021. They are as follows-


Accu-Chek is the most trusted and authentic brand in the field of glucose monitoring in India. Even its accuracy satisfies the ISO standards. This kit is manufactured by Roche Diabetes Care, which is the most reliable kit in glucose monitoring.

Top 5 Best Glucometer in India 2020

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Accurate blood glucose measurement
  • Easy to use
  • Smaller in size makes the process easy
  • No coding required
  • Two-button intuitive handling:
  • Visual double-check
  • 8 seconds re-dose option
  • Pre and post-meal markers
  • Post-prandial reminder
  • Measuring interval : 10-600 mg/dL
  • MEMORY: 500 test results
  • View test average up to 90 days
  • USB interface for data transfer

Key Benefits of this device:

  1. Blood sample- it requires about 1.5 ml of blood for monitoring. 
  2. Test time- This device requires about 5 seconds to monitor the glucose level.
  3. Coding- This device is automated, so the user can easily access this device.
  4. Warranty- This device gives a warranty of about ten years.
  5. Lancets- There are about ten lancets provided with the kit.
  6. Test strips- there are about ten test strips provided with the kit.
  7. Memory- this device can store up to five hundred tests, user can check the previous tests easily.

Now, let’s see the pros and the cons of the device, starting with pros-


  1. Accuracy and time- As above discussed, its monitoring is very accurate and certified by the ISO, and it takes very little time to monitor.
  2. This device can provide users up to 90 days of average test readings.
  3. It provides useful features like- 8 seconds re-dose and also a visual double-checking option.
  4. This device also provides pre and post-meal checkers and also it has a remainder for the post-prandial remainder.
  5. It also has USB data transfer support, which is very helpful for interaction between doctor and patient.


  1. This device is a little expensive.
  2. This device is not rechargeable.

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This device is manufactured by NURECA INC USA, which is a trusted and reliable company. This glucometer is very advanced and with many features. The test strips provided with this kit have GDA-FDA technology

Top 5 Best Glucometer in India 2020
Dr. Trust- Best Glucometer in India

Key Features & Specifications:

  • No interference from blood oxygen variations
  • An early warning if your ketones are rising or are out of balance
  • Reminder alarm function
  • Measure blood glucose levels, quickly, accurately, and comfortably
  • Small blood sample (0.5µL) & less painful
  • LCD backlight display to read at night
  • Product of NURECA INC USA with the warranty in India
  • 1 Year Standard Warranty

Key Benefits of this device:

  1. Blood sample- It requires about 0.5 ml of blood to display the result.
  2. Test time- It can provide the result within five seconds.
  3. Coding- No need to do any coding or operations on it, this device is all automated.
  4. Warranty- It has a one-year warranty.
  5. Lancets- The kit contains sixty lancets with it.
  6. Test strips- The kit is provided with sixty test strips.
  7. Memory- This device can store up to one thousand previous results.

So, these are the key features of these devices. Now, let see the pros and cons of the device-


  1. It has the most advanced test strips, which are the GDA-FDA test strips.
  2. This device also provides advanced technical support like Ketone warning and alternate site testing.
  3. It has three monitoring modes- AC, PC, and the general mode.
  4. This device also has an LCD display along with backlight features.


  1. Though this device is more advanced, it’s not too accurate.
  2. The warranty period is very less as compared to the others mentioned above.

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Dr. Morepen BG-03 is a glucometer that can be used at home or on the go. It is very easy to use and gives you fast result in 5 seconds. The glucometer has a large memory that can store up to 300 test results. This glucometer combo also comes with 50 lancets and 10 strips of 100 test each.

The Dr. Morepen Glucose Meter has a sleek design, and it’s incredibly easy to use- in just 15 seconds. You can get an accurate blood sugar reading that will provide all the information needed for future reference. Try out this cool new product today to find your own peace of mind about diabetes management.

Top 5 Best Glucometer in India 2020
Dr. Morepen- Best Glucometer in India

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Fast & accurate result in 5 seconds
  • Small 0.5uL blood sample size
  • Large memory
  • Free 10 Lancets
  • Quick, Accurate and Comfortable


  • Excellent accuracy
  • Low cost
  • Tiny blood drop required for testing


  • Stops Working after Few Months

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Accu-Chek Instant glucometer is a simple and easy-to-use blood glucose meter that allows users to test their blood sugar levels at home. It offers visual reassurance with its target range indicator, clutter-free display, large display screen, and easy-to-understand information. Accu-Chek Instant’s meter only displays relevant, easy-to-understand information for fast results. The device has an accurate blood glucose measurement which can be tested in just 5 seconds with the Easy Edge test strips.

Top 5 Best Glucometer in India 2020
Accu-Check Instant-Best Glucometer in India

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Visual reassurance with target range indicator
  • A clutter-free screen
  • Meter only displays relevant, easy to understand information
  • Accurate blood glucose measurement
  • Easy-Edge test strips
  • No set-up is required
  • Large display
  • Sample claims: Capillary, Venous, Arterial, Neonate
  • Easy USB data transfer
  • Test strip options: Choose from 10, 25, and 50 vials options
  • Virtually pain-free testing
  • Result duration: It gives results in less than four seconds.


  • Trusted Brand
  • It connects to the phone via Bluetooth
  • Easy to use and user friendly
  • Instant Results


  • Strips are not available
  • Battery issue with some devices

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     5. BeatO Smart Phone Glucometer

Product Description in paragraph form:

The BeatO CURV Smartphone Glucometer is a glucose monitoring machine that provides you with accurate readings whenever you want. It connects to your smartphone via the charging port and can be used as an alternative for those who don’t want to carry around bulky testing machines.

The device comes with a free app called BeatO App, which has been developed by our team of medical experts. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and allows you to view your sugar trends through simple graphs and reports.

BeatO CURV-Best Glucometer in India

BeatO is the latest glucose monitoring device, making it easier than ever to measure your blood sugar levels. This small and sleek machine connects via USB with any Android phone for quick readings anywhere you are; perfect for those who need their phones as much as they do food! The BeatO app gives free access to features that help better manage diabetes symptoms such as testing reminders, carb counting calculator & more.
The CURV Glucometer from BeatO provides cutting-edge technology at an affordable price point – giving everyone the chance of living healthier lives no matter where they live.

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Compact, easy to carry
  • Connects to your smartphone via the charging port
  • Mobile-based glucometer, Works with Android Devices only
  • Works with feature-rich BeatO App
  • See trends and analysis to understand your body better
  • Constant monitoring of your readings by our team of diabetes experts
  • Automatic alert system


  • Easier to Operate and share and store reports
  • No battery (battery Free) and Unlimited use
  • Sleek and lightweight


  • Technical problems can cause errors
  • defective adapters may hamper result
  • Accuracy is somewhat doubtful

We offer a seamless, easy-to-use network that allows you and your family to monitor your glucose levels from anywhere. You can also share instant alerts of high or low readings with the people who are important in managing them for you!

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Types of Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices-

There are mainly four types of blood glucose monitoring devices. These are as follows-

Hospital glucose meters-

These are special glucose meters used for multi-patient hospital uses. These machines present the result in very elaborate ways for the control records. These devices are designed in such a way that the data or the results could be transferred to the laboratory computer systems easily, mainly designed for billing purposes.

Non-invasive glucose monitors-

These are specially designed to use measure the blood glucose level. In this monitoring device, there is no need of withdrawing blood or puncturing the skin to obtain blood. Here, the device electrically pulls the glucose from the intact skin. But, this device is not reliable as the results are concerned, and sometimes it damages the skin of the user.

Continuous glucose monitors-

This device is used to monitor the glucose level on a daily basis by the people affected with type I or type II diabetes. It monitors the glucose level using an electrode that is placed under the skin, which is placed by an adhesive. This data is sent by a transmitter that is attached to the electrode and a separate receiver is there on the device that receives the data. There is no need of pricking fingers while using this device because this device does not measure the glucose level from the, rather it monitors the glucose level from the intestinal fluids. 


This device usually monitors the glucose level with the help of blood testing with meters using test strips, as defined earlier. In this, we need to prick the skin and need to put a few drops of blood in the test strips. Then the user needs to insert the test strips inside the device and the device calculates the result by itself. This is the fastest reliable glucose monitoring device in today’s world.

Author’s Pick:

After comparing and looking into the pros and cons of all 5 Glucometers, our pick would be Accu Check Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit. It gives the best value for money and comes with 10 free kits and reordering is cheap and convenient. This is our guide on the 5 Best Glucometer in India.

Happy Buying.

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