With the increase in pollution and traffic, cycling has become a popular form of transport in India. Many people are now switching to bicycles as it is much cheaper than cars or motorcycles, doesn’t require any fuel, and is an environmentally friendly way of traveling. However, since it’s not easy for everyone to afford a new bike from brands like Trek or Cannondale, we’ve compiled a list of gear Cycles that cost less than Rs.12000, so you can still get your hands on one!

Bicycles are among the most frequently used means of transportation across the globe. You will find lands in which the vast majority of individuals travel time on a bike due to their productivity and environment-friendly attributes. You will find numerous reasons someone generally opts for a bicycle.

Being budget-friendly, folks from all areas of life can pay for a bike. The automobile is simple to manage as opposed to the others and also could be afforded by anybody. In India, celebrities like Salman Khan have made using on a bicycle look stylish and have backed it with no bias.

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Our Top 10 Pick of Gear Cycles In India Under Rs.12000


This’s an ideal purchase when searching for a bike, both from an excellent manufacturer home and on a budget. The trendy design and the vibrant color offered to survive a fashionable advantage just for the younger crowd.

The emblem home has guaranteed the automobile as light as the material utilized for manufacture is Aluminum. The front disc brake style can be purchased in a large frame and a medium.

The unique feature obtainable within this motorcycle is the 21-speed easy fire thumb shifters and the Shimano gear that guarantees your smooth driving experience.


  • Presence of Disc brake
  •  Solid front suspension
  •  Very Light in weight
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Trustworthy brand


  • Absence of  mudguard
  • Absence of Stand
  • No trainer wheel
  • Absence of carrier
  • Absence of  chair covers
  • No bell present

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This’s a great bike in case you’re searching for a much real fun driving experience. The frame is light that enables you to have the ability to shift the bike when and as needed. The pace rating is a whopping seven, which guarantees you a seamless drive in the urban terrains.

The makers have available unique features like the quick-release front wheel and long-lasting Nylon tires. The seven-speed Shimano tourney gear process with the Shimano Revo shifters makes sure you have a breezy drive.

This specific bike is the best option if you’re searching for a gear cycle on an average budget with all of the right features together.


  • Very Light in weight
  • the front wheel has Quick-release
  • Reliable Shimano gear
  • Revo shifters from Shimano
  • Justified purchase
  • Lock available


  • The cycle is not fully assembled.

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Here’s yet another good gear cycle from an additional wannabe competitor of cycle models. Again it is a mountain bike with twenty-one Shimano speed shifters. That’s it’s twenty-one gears, which are, in fact, from the Shimano brand. Aside from this, it’s thick, mountain-style tires.

The content is secure, and it is safe and enjoyable to work with. This cycle is perfect for anybody above a teenager. This’s arbitrary since it’s an optimum selection of a level of approximately 5.4 in, and that is just about typical.

To improve the mobility of its airers4you offers twenty-six inches tires. The driver can appreciate supremely throughout the treks without experiencing some journey. Some other than this, it’s a steel frame available on a scale of eighteen in.

The color version with this cycle is additionally not much less. It’s an appealing and preferred option by a maximum of the mid-rangers. Its longevity is one other well worth talking feature. Like, any rider can go into steep terrain without being concerned about its breakage. That is a feature to provide fierce competition.


  • Shifters by Shimano available
  • Mudguard available
  • 610 mm Handlebar available
  • V brakes available
  • Justified price and purchase.


  • Problems faced in Installation
  • Absence of  trainer wheel
  • No carrier
  • Absence of chain cover
  • Lock is not available
  • Bell not available.

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This’s an excellent bicycle for individuals who require safety and speed together. Hero is a trusted product concerning adventure lovers. The emblem home brings you a good bike with rear and front Caliper Brakes. The gear is of eighteen speed as well as suspension is of Rigid sort. The automobile is gently weighted at 24.9 kg, and it is ideal for the average to big built of the rider.

The rider could be associated with a minimum level of 5.8 feet along with a maximum of 6.2 feet. The Mudguard present in the cycle makes it ideal for a pleasant, lengthy drive on tough roads.


  • Ideal suspension
  • Best color
  • Trustworthy Brand name 


  • Semi-assembled when delivered.
  • Absence trainer wheels
  • Absence chain covers present
  • No lock availability
  • no bell availability
  • Lowly placed handlebar
  • Not a user-friendly user manual
  • Uncomplicated Gear adjustment


This’s a good bike for a great riding experience. The whole framework of the automobile is very fashionable and attractive to the small riders.

Additionally, you get a pleasant front suspension along with a side that appears too. With sleek shifting gears, this particular mountain bike can make a great partner for the adventurous masses.

Ride with full freedom Kross Maximus on and relish the long roads and paths being the most significant driving experience. The spending budget tends to make this purchase ideal for all and may also be utilized for seamless travel time.


  • The free lock is a bonus
  • Water bottle cage available
  • One bottle for water-free
  • Presence of Combo lights
  • Suspension in the Front
  • 85% assembled and balance easy to assemble.
  • Available in various color
  • Price justified


  • More than a usual bulky frame
  • No mudguard at all
  • No tool kit at all
  • Smoother Gear shift


MTB is a recognized business for bicycles. Thus, this particular cycle is well-liked by most periods present out there within the marketplace and is among the very best gear cycles below 12000 right here in India.

Beginning with its showcasing features, it will not be the wrong choice to point out its twenty-one gears. This’s an excellent feature within this budget. Consequently, it has, among probably the most beautiful mountain bikes, experimented with by mountain riders.

Some other than this, it’s a disc type brake that provides high controlling assistance. You can also gratify yourself in greater ranges with this particular mountain specialist.

Although it’s perfect for males, it may be utilized by anyone regardless of gender. It’s a tire size of twenty-six inches x 2.125 inches that guarantees a much better exposure to the highway that ultimately confirms greater mobility.

It’s a fantastic style and is produced of a steel frame that has a size of 19.5 in. It is packaged in different color combinations, with many color mixtures with white, several with gray as well as a basic gold.


  • Steel  frame and rust-free
  • Twenty-one gears are a lot of choices.
  • Serves men and women admirably.


  • Lock not available.


This’s a good bicycle that is ideal for adults and teenagers. The automobile is lightweight, making it much easier to control and smooth driving experience.

It’s tuned’ Single Speed’ as well as has a’ Rigid’ suspension sort. This bike can be obtained in 2 color options and also features a trendy finish.

Should you have to travel time to do the job or maybe school and college, Huffy Granite is a great option. The wheels are Alloy as well as pedals are reflectorized well for the smooth driving experience. The bike has adjustable seats, making it an excellent opportunity for individuals of several level ranges.


  • pedals are Reflectorized
  • Fork is rigid
  • Light in weight
  • wheels are  alloy
  • Tuned Single-speed
  • Seat is adjustable
  • Options are many a far as color is concerned
  • More than 80 Percent assembled
  • Not pricey


  • Unknown whether it can stand rough mountains.
  • Advisable for kids not to try this bike.


Hero brings to you a good bike that is ideal for children. This Cycle is created specifically for small children and has Caliper brakes equally in front and returned. The gear is of six Speed, and also the bike frame is lightweight. The mudguard is offered to prevent your small one from the mud splashes.

The minimum level in which the cycle can support is 3.11 foot, and also the optimum level is 4.3 feet. In case you’re searching for the initial period for your small body, then Hero Sprint may be the ideal option for you.


  • Suspension is Rigid
  • Semi assembled
  • Suspension fork Chain cover available
  • Mudguard available
  • Availability of Suspension fork


  • Absence of parking stand
  • No trainer wheels
  • No of carrier
  • Absence of lock


Kross brings to you a good bike that has been explicitly created, keeping the children in mind. The cycle comes with disc brakes and has a 21 gear speed. Because of its little, it’s ideal for males, females as well as kids. The semi raised handles to contribute to the decent performance and also have soft grips.

You will find two kinds of brakes provided here; a Disc brake and the 2nd is the V brake together with an anti-skid entire body on the pedals. The frame size is nineteen inches, plus the pedals are reflectorized. The friction-free casing is showcased for good brakes and also makes your driving adventure smooth.


  •  Bicycle is lightweight
  • kids of all ages can use it
  •  Availability of suspension fork 
  • Shimano trustworthy gears 
  • Anti-skid body thanks to the design of pedals.


  •  Non-availability of a Tool kit
  • Improvement in brakes Quality desired.
  • Most terrains are found unsuitable.
  • Absence of a mode called night shifter


This’s just about the most famous bicycles in India. This’s primarily as it’s created explicitly keeping the female driver in mind. The frame is light, and additionally, the style is appealing, succeeding attractive for all the females. The front basket causes it to be an excellent option for a ride to colleges and schools. The Caliper brakes and also the Mudguard present cause it to be an excellent option for secure riding experience.


  •  Availability of Kickstand
  • Availability of front basket
  •  It Is Pre-assembled
  • Girls and women would find it more useful
  • Availability of Mudguard
  • Stylish design
  • The paints chosen are excellent.
  • Trustworthy  brand


  • lock not available
  • Since it is almost designed for girls exclusively. the size may  not fit all
  • Adjustment of seat height required.


A.The Purpose of yours

For starters, it’s essential to recognize what the main objective of your respective demand is. You’ll be astonished to realize that you will find numerous kinds of bicycles based on the need of yours. You will find four distinct types of bicycles created particularly for your needs:

To continue being in shape and Casual rides, you can choose the Hybrid bike because these will guarantee the required speed and pace.

Going to do the job or maybe college/school: For the objective of travelling to your college or workplace, you can again go for the Hybrid bike type. These bike sorts are lighter than the MTB and a lot more comfortable than Road Bicycles.

For long-distance travel: If you’ve got a road trip planned in addition to friends, a roadway bike is an ideal choice for you personally.

Trail rides/Off-Roading: For this objective, Mtbs or mountain bikes are the ideal picks.

B.The Bicycle Frame Size

The ideal bike frame is determined by your Leg and height length. Deciding on the best bike frame is a crucial element when choosing the proper bike. To obtain probably the best out of the bike, it’s essential to recognize the frame type best suited based on the height of yours. This lowers the chances of yours of injury and contributes effectively to the overall experience of yours. To fully understand the actual frame size, it’s best advised to attend a sports retailer and also check out a couple of bicycles yourself.


One of the more important determining factors when selecting the proper bike is your driving conditions. You must find out whether the roads that you’ll be using on are bad or good.

For people that reside in hilly regions, it’s essential to choose a bicycle that has gears. This’s also advised for steep climbs and declines and a selection of bridges to cross.

Bicycles with the front suspension should be recommended for people who have terrible road conditions to experience. These can include potholes, shattered highways, among some other negative states.

D.The Budget

For a large number of folks, finances are among the most critical determining factors. Generally, people believe it’s okay to purchase a cheap bike later and first go for a higher type. Nevertheless, it’s just smart to use another way round. A practical budget bicycle guarantees your safe driving experience. More top model bicycles can also be simpler to resell if you get buying a more recent model.

The comfort level of a costly bike is additionally high, as they’ve much better saddles. The braking efficiency is also significantly better in a well-invested bicycle. Tires are one more aspect which is come together with expensive bikes. A better quality tire besides, results in much less rolling resistance, thus much better grip. Frame, as stated previously, it another essential factor when choosing a bicycle.

Lighter frames mean much better performance, thus a safe and enjoyable driving experience. In general, make sure to commit one time in a great bike, because you are going to be ready to have hassle-free upkeep for an extended time as than various other designs on a budget.

Types of CYCLES

It’s not just about bikes.
The bicycle is an integral part of modern life and has been for more than a century. It provides transportation in many wealthier countries but also enjoys recreational use as well. In some places, it’s the primary form of transport for shorter distances.

Cycles come in all shapes and sizes to suit different purposes—from dainty ladies’ bicycles with narrow tires to rugged mountain bikes that can traverse any terrain. And while most cycles are made of metal, there are still people who prefer wooden frames or even bamboo ones!

Mountain Bikes

They’ve tires that are twenty-six inches wide or maybe twenty-nine inches wide, which often makes it much easier to go on various obstacles and loose dirt. These have rugged frames and flat handlebars. These bikes could be ridden on trails and highways. These bicycles are reliable and may be utilized for adventurous purposes.

These bikes belong to all price ranges and may be utilized by almost all; however, it must be saved that the lower range mountain bikes aren’t as effective.

Hybrid/Comfort bikes

The Comfort or maybe the Hybrid bikes typically have the same characteristics. Nonetheless, these bikes include another wheel size. In general, the hybrids have a bit larger road sized motorcycle tires and are comparatively slimmer.

Hybrid and comfort bikes include such characteristics that allow them to run efficiently on the family community or perhaps paved trails with identical simplicity. The upright position on this bike type permits them to be comfy to work with.

Street Bike

The bike sorts are indicated by’ drop’ skinny tires and handlebars. The road bike is noted for its speed and efficiency. These’re much chosen by individuals that lead a sports-oriented lifestyle and want adventure.

These bikes feature bigger thin tires that help within the sleek sliding on the highway trail and the multi-positioned handlebar, which is intended to offer the preferred grip variations.

Triathlon/Time Trial Bike

They’re perfect for a triathlon; time trial events. The time trial bikes include the forward bull-horn-shaped handlebar and also aero bars. The aero bars are to assist the driver in having the ability to lean forward within the streamlined position.

The shifters are present on the conclusion edge of the aero bars. The primary specialization of the Time trial bike is explicitly created for triathlons and highlights the aerodynamics of the automobile.

BMX/Trick Bike

BMX is an acronym for Bicycle Motor Cross and these single speed bikes and is mainly ridden where generally there are brief dirt tracks similar to the motorsport. BMX is a single-speed bike with a 20-inch wheel. If you require to perform jumps and tricks, then the BMX may be the ideal bike you can go for.

Travelling Bike

They’re the most elementary versions of bicycles that are widespread across the planet by most persons. These bikes moreover fall under the typical class and have several accessories. They have additional features like fenders, rear racks, bags, light, lighting fixtures in this specific version.

It’s fundamentally the presence of these capabilities which make these bicycles accessible each time. Students prefer this bike for commuting to work and university. You are also able to utilize this bike in case you have to remain in shape and call for a bit amount of physical exercise.


Bicycles are our first car in many of the lives of ours. Our first experience of ours on a bicycle generally stays special.

Thus, make sure to learn the goal of the ride and buy the correct bike. It’s also essential to look at the durability along with the brand before you purchase the vehicle of yours. You must look at various attributes as adjustments and replacements when purchasing from a dealer.

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