BeatO Smartphone Glucometer

Living in the 21st century where modern man is facing a new disease daily. There are some diseases which we have with us for a long time. Here we are talking about diabetes mellitus. In simple words, it is basically an increase in sugar levels in the blood. And to keep your sugar level monitored you need a Glucose-meter or glucometer at home to monitor your Glucose levels in Blood. BeatO Smartphone Glucometer is a revolutionary product in the market today.

 What is a glucometer?

A glucometer is a medical device that checks the level of glucose in the blood. It is the basic device present in every home to determine glucose level of blood and also a key element of (HBGM), Home Blood Glucose Monitoring.  

Patients with hypoglycemia or diabetes mellitus put a small drop of blood obtained by a lancet on a single-use test strip. The other side of the strip is plugged into the device. Meter reads and calculates blood glucose level in the units of mg/dl or mmol/l.  

This device have several benefits as it is available next to you drawer. There’s no need of going to laboratory for a blood glucose test. There are various kind of glucometers are available in market price ranging from minimum to high depending on basic models to advance. Price of test strips also varies according to company.

What is a Smartphone Glucometer?

Determining your blood glucose level with a glucose meter was easy enough, but now in the market, we have some more advances kind of glucometer which works with your smartphones.

With a smartphone glucometer, your mobile can turn into a convenient smartphone glucose meter. Being a diabetic patient you always wish to keep checking your sugar level with little or no equipment. A smartphone glucometer made it possible for you. 

BeatO Smartphone Glucometer

Out of the best Glucometers in India, BeatO is a unique product that connects to a smartphone and very easy to use.

It basically consist of

  • A lancet ( yes you still have to prick yourself to get a blood sample)
  • A device that is plugged into mobile
  • A smartphone app (which shows Blood glucose level and keeps history)
  • A small strip


Easily connects with your smart phone. There’s no need of extra cable or wires for connectivity, also ensures accurate measurement. With its small size it can easily fit into pocket. In this device there is no need of extra battery for the device. The call of power is fulfilled by straight from smart phone. One of its best feature is instant results, It won’t take hours or minutes to show results.

How it works:

It is super easy to use the BeatO smartphone glucometer. Firstly you have to prick yourself with the lancer. Put the drop of blood on the strip. Plug the glucometer in the mobile and open the related application. Enter the other side of the strip in the glucose meter. It will show results in seconds.


  • Always have a look at your blood glucose level and keep a track of any fluctuations even when you are in hurry with this BeatO’s mobile-based glucose meter with very minimal accessories.
  • It even fits in your pocket and you can easily carry it with you throughout the day.
  • Further, BeatO’s app has educators and instructors who can assist you in maintaining a better diet and a better lifestyle which can help them in maintaining blood glucose level at normal.
  • Application made by BeatO can take your blood glucose level monitoring to another level of accessibility.
  • By the certification of CE, this smartphone glucometer works efficiently with mobile technology and gives you immediate feedback from specialists.
  • It prescribes you necessary changes in your daily lifestyle. You can get accurate results of sugar levels in blood on your phone screen.
  • You can manage your sugar level to normal not only by checking it regularly but also by sharing your reports with experts available on the app.
  • Self-monitoring of glucose level is now in your hand. BeatO device is plugged into the audio jack of any mobile.
  • In case you are using the latest IOs gadget then you have to buy a separate connector to go with this app.


  • With the increase in diseases daily, this gadget should not be limited to blood glucose. Monitoring other blood diseases should also be done with it. We can hope by the time this product may grow and come with more specifications.
  • Accuracy may cause an issue for some people. Although given accuracy is +_15%.


Checking your glucose level at this ease can help diabetes patient to control their sugar level. BeatO is the company in India that took initiative to make a smartphone glucometer.

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